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Gear Trackr
Cycling equipment maintenance tool

Cycling equipment manufacturers prescribe maintenance intervals in terms of hours of use.  The popular training and exercise tracking app Strava only tracks the distance a unit has been used.  This app allows a user to grant access to their Strava account and to track various pieces of equipment by time spent and reset the maintenance clock when a tune up has been performed. 

Tech Used: Ruby/Rails, POSTGRES, Javascript, JQuery, Strava OAuth2, Strava API

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Garmin Apps
Glycogen & Fat Usage Calculators 

These are on device data fields for Garmin bike computers.  A user inputs their metabolic burn rate and corresponding wattage data from a lactate and metabolic cart lab test.  Then, during a ride, the app uses wattage inputs from a power meter to calculate the amount of glycogen or fat being used by the athlete.  By tracking glycogen use the athlete can avoid running out of fuel during training or a race and know how much they need to consume after for recovery. Available on the Garmin IQ app store.

Tech Used: MonkeyC, GarminSDK

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Tip Toeing into Neural Nets 

My first foray into Machine Learning.  Still at the stage of swimming in this space and simply observing and letting the ideas and knowledge marinate.  

Tech Used: Python, Google Cloud Platform, Jupyter Notebook

Helping get PPE to those that needed it most

In the early days of the pandemic there was a massive shortage of personal protective equipment. A group of friends banded together to build a site to rapidly crowd source and deliver to hospitals these necessary items. I built a twitter DM tool that performed automated outreach to journalists in an effort to get knowledge of the site and/or get articles written about it. Highlight: Mark Ruffalo retweeted us to 7 million+ followers. 

Tech Used: Google Apps Script, JavaScript, Twitter API

Scaling Civic Engagement

Communicating with your elected officials can be intimidating, many constituents aren't ever sure where to begin when it comes to chatting with their councilors. These tools help to lower the start hurdle burden by seeding talking points into pre-populated emails and text messages to local elected officials

Tech Used: JavaScript, Google Sites, HTML, CSS

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